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Rehydr‍‍‍ate  •  Recover •  Repeat

Revitalyte is a rehydration solution that delivers essential electrolytes and f‍‍‍luids.  Designed with an optimal level of sodi‍‍‍um and glucose, Revitalyte is proven to rehydrate better than sports drinks, water, juice and soda.

Competition requires dedication, determination, and above all else, performance.  Revitalyte can help athletes hydrate quickly before, during and after activity to help maximize performance.

Revitalye provides optimal levels of electrolytes and glucose for advanced hydration after an intense workout.  Revitalyte is proven to rehydrate better than sports drinks, water, juice and soda.

Provide your body with the hydration it needs to outperform the competition.  

Drink Revitalyte.

Drink Revitalyte

Dehydration comes in all different shapes and sizes. Tackle them all with Revitalyte to keep your body feeling great!

No matter what's ahead, Drink Revitalyte, feel replenished, and be ready to take on‍‍‍ whatever life may throw at you next.

Regain fluids and essential minerals to fe‍‍‍el great morning, noon and night.

We’ve all been there… one drink too many (or five).  Then,‍‍‍ the hangover hits in the morning, and you wake up with your insides feeling like the Sahara.  Enter Revitalyte.

Revitalyte may not cure your hangover, but it is designed with optimal levels of sodium and glucose to combat the effects of dehydration from alcohol.  So whether or not you remember to drink responsibly, always remember to rehydrate responsibly.

Rehydrate.  Recover.  Repeat.

Pro Tip:
Drink half of a bottle before bed and the other half when you wake up in the morning.  You're welcome!

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